Thin and flexable, 400 gauss magnetic insoles – labled side, all north facing the body. Many air holes also promote circulation and enhance magnetic effect. Pair includes right and left insoles, may be trimmed to fit any size foot. Sm size 6-8, Md size 9-10, Lg size 11-12.

small – fits up to a ladies 7.5 measures 9.6 inches

medium – fits up to a ladies size 9.5 and up to a size 9 men measures 10.5 inches

large – fits up to a ladies size 13 and up to a size 12 men measures 11.6 inches

Insoles may be trimmed easily for a custom fit with household scissors.


HOW TO FIT INSOLES: Center the foot from front to back on the insole and trace the foot onto the insole, being sure you have approximately the same amount of space marked on both ends. Cut the heel end on the line you trace, but cut the front about 1/4″ to 3/8″ longer than what you traced so it will fit snug in the front of the shoe. You may need to also trim the sides of the insole a little, depending on the width of your foot. The insoles cut very easily with scissors.