Magnet strength is measured in “Gauss”. The proper gauss strength and size of the magnet must be correct to give the fastest and best relief from pain and inflammation. The depth of penetration of magnetic energy is in direct relationship to the physical size (mass) of the magnet—the larger the magnet, the deeper the penetration. For example, the small round neodymium magnet penetrates 2-3” into the body whereas the 4” x 6” x ½” mag-net penetrates completely through the body of the average size person. The 4” x 6” x ½” ceramic magnet has much greater penetration capacity due to its physical size.


Magnetic therapy can take place: 1) while sleeping 2) in a reclining position with magnets under or over the affected areas or 3) while wearing medical magnets while working, shopping, etc. Magnets can be held in position with tape, sweatbands, Ace Bandages, abdominal binders, hats, caps or by using custom products with the magnets sewn in over the various organ systems.


Take an inventory of your health concerns. Where is your pain? Do you have a long-term illness or do you want to increase your energy level or keep your resistance to illness and disease high? Take the time to read through the catalog; examine the various products; and find the products that will best meet your needs and lifestyle. We custom design and build special products for any part of your body as well as for pets and large animals. Please call (401) 397-1010 for details.


We, at Palmer’s Global Magnetic Therapy, carry a variety of different products from several manufacturers to offer you the best magnetic products at the most economical prices available. Our first priority is not to just sell you products but to provide you with knowledge, uncompromised service and then, and only then…the right products to enhance the quality of your health and lifestyle. Our mission is to keep every customer active, energetic, healthy, and pain free.


BE AN EDUCATED CONSUMER: Many retail outlets and catalog sales companies have started to carry products with magnets in them. Do not be afraid to compare products. These companies usually do not even mention the gauss rating or number of magnets in the product, or they allude to their own confusing rating system. Always compare gauss ratings, type of magnets i.e. neodymium and quality of workmanship. We carry the best quality magnetic products at a competitive and fair price.


REMEMBER the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.