Our company, Palmers Global Magnetic Therapy, was formed in the Spring of 1997. We created this unique and exciting company After I successfully used the Magnetic Insoles to relieve foot pain That I had been experiencing for over 8 years. FINALLY I WAS ABLE TO WALK WITHOUT PAIN. After proving that the products not only worked for me, but also family and friends, I wanted to tell other people what magnets could possibly do for them.


Pat and I set up booths at County Fairs, home shows, golf shows and many other places, almost to numerous to mention. We knew that if people would give us just 20 minutes of their time, and their pain, we could show them some positive change, in just that short period of time.


Our simple, relaxed method of interacting with people has proven to be very successful and we have given thousands of treatments, handed out thousands of brochures, and have talked to too many people even to estimate. During this extended period of time we have received many testimonial letters, and hundreds of personal THANK YOUS; from men and women from all walks of life, People like yourselves who have experienced fantastic results from using PALMERS GLOBAL MAGNETIC THERAPY MAGNETS.


The letters we have placed on our website are actual copies of letters we have been given. Please take a moment to look at them. These are not fictitious people, not professional athletes paid to endorse our products, but real people like us. Most of these individuals are from here, in the Northeast , and could very well live in your hometown. If you are one of these people please drop us a line, or send an email. Your insight into how our products have helped you function over the years is very important to us, and as before, we wish you happiness and success.


Our message has not changed over the years, but our products have improved tremendously. It did not take us long into the business to realize that unless we could control the manufacturing process we could not effectively control the overall quality of our products. We started designing and having Magnetic Products manufactured to our Exact Specifications, within the first year of our venture.


Our TITAN SERIES Products are completely our own design. The HIGH POWERED NEODYMIUM MAGNETS make these products the Best in the Industry, and combined with the quality and workmanship, make the TITAN SERIES the Best and Most effective product of their type anywhere. This is why the TITAN 2 PAD was the 1st product to be featured in a Television Commercial in the summer of 2000.


Since then our focus has been on continual consumer education. We currently are undertaking the making of an Infomercial And several training videos for use in training our distributors or individuals who have purchased our products for resale. The quality and variety of our products was acknowledged in Golf Digest, November, 1999. In that issue, listed was a group of companies that sell magnets, but only PALMERS GLOBAL MAGNETIC THERAPY was presented as having a complete line of Medical Magnets.


Since the beginning and even today, we strive to educate consumers. Our catalogs have always dedicated 8 or 9 pages to that fact and that is one of the main reasons you are probably looking at our website. At the trade shows or fairs we are usually very busy and rarely have the time to go over all the benefits of sleeping on A MAGNETIC MATTRESS PAD. A MAGNETIC MATRESS PAD Of your very own, is a significant purchase and you should have access to as much information as possible before making up your mind.