Researchers all over the world have established, beyond any doubt, that all living cells whether plant, animal or Human, are electric in nature. Today, researchers such as William H. Philpott, M. D.; George J. Washnis with Richard Z. Hricak, Robert O. Becker, M. D.; Albert Roy Davis and Walter C. Rawls Jr.; Kyoeche Nakagawa, of Japan, and many, many others are learning more and more about the effects of magnets on the human body. In recent years, developments in healing through electrical and magnetic therapies have increased enormously.
It is a fact that the earth is a huge magnet, and if so, why should we need extra energy? Can’t we get enough from the earth, the natural way? Well, several hundred years ago that was true more than it is today. Scientists have been recording the strength of the earth’s magnetic field for over 155 years. In that time they have noticed that the earth’s magnetic field is decreasing at an alarming rate. Depending on whose study you read, the earth’s magnetic field has decreased from 4.0 Gauss, years ago to around 0.4 Gauss today!
Dr. Kyoeche Nakagawa, Director of Isuzu Hospital in Tokyo, Japan, who has been studying biomagnetic energy, for more than 20 years, refers to authorities that have demonstrated the earth’s magnetic field has diminished over the last 500 years! Could this be a large portion of the increase in cellular degeneration we now see? Dr. Nakagawa agrees. He believes that the metal buildings, automobiles, trains, etc. are absorbing the earth’s magnetic field causing interference and loss of gauss strength. Not only can the metal structures absorb the earth’s magnetic energy. but can also shield living beings from the earth’s natural energy source. Consider that man often spends his waking and sleeping hours in metal vehicles, steel supported dwellings and steel frame super-structures of the work place—which may be a deleterious impact on physical and mental energy levels. Obviously, such environmental conditions can interfere with the human energy system since eletromagnetic absorption cannot occur at an optimum rate, thus symptoms of Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome could emerge. According to Dr. Nakagawa, Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome includes: stiffness of shoulders, back, and neck, chest pains, headache, heaviness of head, dizziness, insomnia, habitual constipation, and general lassitude. Often these symptoms disappear when the person is subjected to higher gauss magnetic strength.


What can be done to preserve and increase energy? According to William H. Philpott, M.D. and Sharon Taplin, authors of Biomagnetic Handbook, proper sleep, application of negative magnetic field energy, exercise, proper diet, and nutrition are key ingredients in maintaining optimum energy.

  • Negative magnetic energy: Combats internal stressors and external influences, relieves stress, promotes sleep, promotes detoxification, and oxygenates tissues naturally increasing energy levels
With sufficient negative magnetic energy, the battle for energy and health can be won. When the body is over-stressed with positive magnetic energy attackers, externally applied negative magnetic energy will provide support. Magnetic application should be considered not only as a preventative therapy but also as a therapeutic modality for symptom relief and/or illness.

  • Enhanced blood circulation to the area
  • Increased oxygen and nutrient transport
  • Faster elimination of toxic wastes from these tissue cells
  • Reduction of inflammation, local constriction, and muscle spasm
  • Drawing of calcium ions away from painful arthritic joints
  • Migration of calcium ions to heal broken bones in half the usual time


  • Deep restful sleep
  • Relief and elimination of pain to these areas


Sleeping on an experimental mattress pad, magnetized at a magnet surface field Strength of 1100 Gauss and delivering 200-600 gauss to the skin surface or a sham (non-magnetic) mattress pad over a 16 week period.

Subjects sleeping on the experimental mattress pad experienced a Significant Decrease in Pain and Fatigue. Additionally, these subjects showed significant improvement in reported sleep and physical functioning, as evidenced from the Modified Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire. Subjects sleeping on the sham mattress pad experienced no significant change in these same outcome measures. Subjects in the control and experimental groups showed IMPROVEMENT in “TIREDNESS ON WAKING”, demonstrating A placebo effect in this parameter. Neither group showed an effect on global wellbeing.
Sleeping on a Mattress Pad, with a magnet surface field strength of 1100 Gauss, Delivering 200-600 Gauss at the skin level provides Statistically Significant and Clinically Relevant PAIN RELIEF and Sleep Improvement in subjects with FIBROMYALGIA. No adverse reactions were noted during the 16 week trial period.

PALMERS GLOBALMAGNETIC THERAPY MATTRESS PADS offer a magnetic field strength of 3950 Gauss, almost 4 times stronger.

  • Oxygenates Tissue
  • Fights Infection
  • Reduces Fluid Retention
  • Encourages Deep Sleep
  • Supports Biological
  • Healing Reduces Inflammation
  • Normalizes Acid Base Balance
  • Relieves/Stops Pain Reduces/Dissolves Fatty Deposits
  • Promotes Mental Acuity/Reasonableness & Brightness Affect
  • Aids in Reducing Fat & Calcium deposits in the Circulatory System
  • Do not use magnets on the abdomen during pregnancy
  • Do not use on chest with a pacemaker, defibrillator or near any other battery operated medical device
Side Effects: No adverse side effects have been observed with negative magnetic energy (the healing energy of the earth). However, if pain or pressure does increase with application, the magnet should be moved in position but not necessarily removed. Pain can be caused by a pressure from fluid build-up within a joint or other encapsulated area (kneecap, sinuses, eyeball, etc.). Since negative magnetic energy pulls additional fluid into the enclosed area, pain can increase if direct application is made to an area already full of fluid with no drainage capacity. In this instance, moving the magnet above, below, or aside the painful site 2-3″, will pull fluid away from the affected area thus relieving pain. Return to direct application as healing starts and fluid pressure is reduced.
Persons on medications (prescription drugs, thyroid, etc.) may develop symptoms of over-medication when us-ing over-all body treatment (magnet bed). As stress and inflammation are reduced in the body, toxins are re-leased and metabolism improves. Drugs can become MORE EFFECTIVE and may have to be reduced or discontinued as body chemistry changes. Consult a physician for monitoring if symptoms occur.

No, we can not. Each person and each injury is different. We make no medical claims on our products. Can medical magnets cure disease? Yes, and no. It depends. Everyone is different; everyone responds differently to things. Some people get relief with our NeoMaxes in seconds; others do not. These same people who get pain relief for certain things may not get results with others. Not only are people different, but each ailment or medical situation is different. Do we tell people it will heal them? No, we do not. We tell them to try it and see if the medical magnets will work for them.
The information on this website is provided for educational purposes only. It is not prescribed medical treatment, nor should it replace regular medical treatment provided by your physician. Any self-help application is the responsibility of the user of the information.