What Our Customers Say…

This is to express our deep gratitude to PALMER’S GLOBAL MAGNETIC THERAPY for Taking Away My BACK ACHE And my Wife’s SORE FEET ………

I had a back operation and still have lots of pain in my lower Back….I Bought the Palmer’s Global Magnetic Therapy BACKPAD and HAVE NOT HAD ANY LOWER BACK PAIN SINCE……

After enduring PAIN in my ELBOWS for 6 MONTHS I purchased a magnetic wrap from PALMER’S GLOBAL MAGNETIC THERAPY……After 2 weeks no pain — THE BIGGEST SURPRISE – THE PAIN DID NOT RECUR….

One of every three Americans use alternative therapies
and hundreds of thousands use magnetotherapy

Worldwide, over 100 million people use this therapy, 30 million in Japan alone, where over 10 million people sleep on magnetic beds to counter the effects of stress, pain, fatigue, and various ailments. Magnetotherapy is used worldwide for the relief of ailments including:

  • Lower Back Pain – Knee Joint Pain – Aching Feet – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Tennis Elbow
  • Neck Pain – Wrist and Ankle Strains – Arthritis – Bursitis – Sciatica – Muscle Injury – Joint Pain
  • Plus Healing of Burns – Cuts – Infections and much more

Magnetic Products Can Help You

  • For Healthier Living with More Energy
  • Relieve Aches and Pains of Everyday LifeFaster Recovery from Illness and Injuries
  • Reusable Self-Treatment Products
  • Economical Drug-Free Natural Pain Relief with No Side Effects

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

The treatment involves the placing of simple, natural, safe magnets of the correct strength and configuration on the body tissue to improve immune function, reduce inflammation in one-third of the time, increase blood flow and oxygen intake, alkalize and energize the system, and in short, allow the body to heal itself. No easier or safer therapy exists. When magnetic products are applied to the body, the magnetic field attracts and repels charged particles in the blood, creating movement and heat. This process causes the blood vessels to dilate, in-creasing circulation, and accelerate healing.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of electromagnetics for medical purposes in 1978 and considers the PERMANENT MAGNET even more benign.