FAR Infrared (FIR) and Negative Ion Nano Technology


The Fusion IONZ™ Sport bracelet is a negative ion generating bracelet that has been scientifically tested to emit high levels of FAR Infrared (FIR) and up to 4,000 cc’s of negative ions per second. This negative ion output makes our Sport bracelet the most potent silicone negative ion delivery system on the market. The Fusion IONZ™ Sport Bracelet is ideal for active individuals or anyone looking for the best in negative ion support.


What is FAR Infrared (FIR): FAR Infrared(FIR) is a wavelength in the electro magnetic family that has tremendous health benefits. The minerals in Fusion products have been clinically proven to constantly emit FIR. A recently released clinical trial from Harvard and Boston General hospital validate several health benefits originating from mineral based FIR. These benefits include pain relief, arthritis relief, improved sleep, better circulation and even defense against terminal illnesses.


CLICK HERE: Read the Harvard Clinical Study


What Is Negative Ion Nano Technology? Negative Ions are active anti oxidants that are absorbed into your body and constantly neutralize positive ion free radicals. The health benefits of negative ions have been studies for over 75 years by international leaders in medicine. Benefits include better physical performance, sleep, energy, recovery, mental cognition and balance. Negative Ions have also been shown to increase circulation and decrease pain.


Medically Clinically Proven: Fusion products have gone through and passed rigorous human clinical trial testing under FDA Certified control protocols. This includes the trial being double blind and placebo based. Fusion products have been proven for human performance, increased balance, increased energy body pain relief.